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  21-03-2014 The Mega Event of 8th WEXNET 2014, a National Exhibition for Women Entrepreneurs at EXPO Centre Lahore

Message of Mrs. Shabnam Asif

Chairperson (Women Entrepreneur)

8th WEXNET held by Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP). It was a Mega Event at Lahore Expo Centre to promote women entrepreneurship.

WEXNET was launched in 2000 with the aim of providing women the opportunity to exhibit their products and services, network and gain a positive experience of the business environment.

TDAP has been supporting women since 1994 when it was known as Export Promotion Bureau (EPB). Back then, women were provided exposure in local and international markers via WEXNET exhibition.  

This time it was held at Expo Centre Lahore, from 21st to 23rd March 2014, the exhibition consisted of more than 310 stalls organized by women of all regions of Pakistan. Moreover, a delegation from SAARC countries was also invited to display their products.


High amount of credit and appreciation goes to TDAP for holding such an organized event. It touched the standards of an international exhibition.

There were stalls of varied products; bags & accessories, art (including mosaic art), textiles, leather garments & products, leather shoes, handicrafts, carpets, gift items, herbal medicines, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, crockery, designer & hand made jewellery, furniture, cutlery, fruits & vegetables, food products, marble & granite, services.  

The outcome of the exhibition was tremendous. Exhibitors kept showing up till the very last hour. Families, including children, were facilitated. The main purpose of the exhibition was to encourage the women to undertake small start-up businesses and that goal was achieved when their products received a good response by the exhibitors.

In addition, apart from an introduction into the business environment, women were also benefited via socializing. They were provided with a chance to interact with fellow exhibitors, learn more about the market and the upcoming trends, and thus, develop a network.

It wasn`t only a golden opportunity for the women with existing businesses, but also prompted the fresh graduates to take an initiative and stand up on their own feet.

The stalls were organized on the basis of the region and the response from smaller regions like Sialkot was overwhelming.

On 23rd March 2014 Award Ceremony was organized by TDAP for the Entrepreneurs. It is an honour for Sialkot Chamber of Commerce that on behalf of Women Entrepreneur I received an award. Similarly another Award was given to Rajax Industry for Shoes stall.

To sum up, I`d consider 8th WEXNET as a huge success and appreciate TDAP for taking this initiative and providing such a useful platform to the hard working women of Pakistan.



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